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Dr. Luis Navarro, a Board Certified Phlebologist and vascular specialist, has devoted his professional life to the development of treatments for venous disorders. He has pioneered numerous non-invasive procedures, including EVLT, Combined Therapies, and now PAINLESS SCLEROTHERAPY.

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Can You Remove Broken Blood Vessels?

Remove Broken Blood Vessels

Can you remove broker blood vessels? Broken blood vessels are called “spider veins”, and are directly beneath the surface of your skin. These veins enlarge and dilate and have a web-like, small, and reddish look. Commonly found on legs and the face, these web-like spider veins can develop around any area of the body. Although these broken blood vessels are harmless, they tend to make people self-conscious about how they look.

Moreover, it affects your self-confidence, and you become self-conscious about your harmless broken blood vessels. What you should know firstly is that these spider veins are treatable. However, a typical treatment procedure and planning begins with the identification of the underlying cause of spider veins.

Common and Major Causes of Broken Blood Vessels

Spider veins are a common health issue and occur in many people. What’s more important is that they can occur at any point in life, especially when a person starts to age and their body weakens. Therefore, the risk factors will depend on the relative causes of spider veins. Some of the more common causes of spider veins include:

  • Pregnancy is a common cause of many reversible health issues. Likewise, spider veins are a typical result of pregnancy. It occurs when the estrogen hormone releases tend to break the blood vessels. However, the condition reverses on its own.
  • Sunlight Exposure can lead to blood vessel enlargement. Excessive UV light penetration can enlarge vessels and lead to sunburns in most cases. For instance, in sunburn, your skin’s top layer may peel, exposing some blood vessels on your face relatively more than before.
  • Hot weather can lead to an increase in blood vessels dilation. Further, environmental contaminants like chemical irritants can cause blood vessel infections leading to broken blood vessels.
  • Hereditary genes can be a reason why you have spider veins.
  • Skin conditions like rosacea that cause flushing and redness can cause broken blood vessels.
  • Extreme pressure due to frequent coughing, sneezing, or vomiting can result in broken blood vessels. Often, violent vomiting can break a large number of blood vessels on your face.
  • Alcohol consumption leads to facial flushing, which is already a common cause of broken blood vessels. Heavy drinking causes spider veins around the face.
  • Bruising due to accidents or injuries can result in broken blood vessels that may appear to be highly noticeable.

Treatment Options to Remove Broken Blood Vessels

Now that you know what factors cause spider veins, you may wonder what treatment options are available to rectify and get rid of spider veins? Well, here’s a brief list of the most common spider vein treatment options that include surgical, non-surgical, and natural home remedies.

Intense Light Pulse

This treatment option involves the use of laser light that penetrates through the top layer of the skin into the second layer without harming the epidermis, i.e., the top skin layer.


Sclerotherapy involves a minimally invasive surgical procedure that removes the veins within a short amount of time. While this procedure is most suitable for large veins, it can improve spider veins (broken blood vessels) conditions.

In this procedure, the doctor inserts a saline injection that closes the vein walls and makes them shrink. As a result, it prevents blood circulation through that vein which causes it to fade and become less noticeable.

Remove Broken Blood Vessels & Spider Veins


You can find retinoids in various topical creams and are a good treatment option for broken vessels. Using retinoids can help to make the spider veins less noticeable. While they are primarily for use against rosacea and acne, they can be effective in dealing with broken blood vessels on the face and legs.

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy involves using strong laser lights that penetrate the skin without harming it and destroying damaged and non-functioning spider veins.

Natural Treatment Approaches

Several home remedies may be helpful in removing broken blood vessels from the face.

Horse Chestnut

Studies suggest that horse chestnut may be beneficial for vein health and may even help with spider vein conditions. Horse chestnut from the barks can help diminish the broken blood vessels on the face.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Vinegar and apple cider vinegar can help to alleviate the redness and itching that may occur due to broken blood vessels. This pantry staple is capable of diminishing the appearance of broken blood vessels and similar features. Nonetheless, take precautions when using it with soft cotton balls.

Remove Broken Blood Vessels & Spider Veins: Conclusion

At The Vein Treatment Center ©, for over 30 years we have provided the best cosmetic vein treatment and removal, especially for broken blood vessels (spider veins). Whether it is a symptomatic condition or a cosmetic concern, we can ensure successful surgical and non-surgical treatment measures to relieve you of your condition.

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What Training Do Cosmetic Vein Removal Doctors Receive?

What training do cosmetic vein removal doctors receive? You may have unwanted varicose, spider, and other cosmetic veins on your legs, face, or other body parts. While these veins are not a health complication or a serious medical condition, some people may have cosmetic concerns as varicose veins appear like swollen or twisted veins.

These veins are visible and look unpleasant on the skin of the affected person. They form web-like and reddish textures that also affect the skin area nearby. What’s worse, the increasing amount of visible veins on the body can be a sign of aging and poor blood circulation. However, it is entirely possible to get rid of these veins at any point in your life.

Cosmetic Vein Removal Doctors

Are you struggling with visible veins that affect the appearance of your skin? Are there any symptoms arising aside from the color changes on your skin? Cosmetic vein removal doctors can help you get rid of such vein problems.

Is a Cosmetic Vein Doctor a Specialist?

Doctors pursue many specialties in cosmetic treatments and procedures and excel in their careers. Some doctors specialize in the treatment of venous diseases, disorders, and cosmetic problems. W call them “Phlebologists” as they specialize in the treatment of spider veins, varicose veins, vein clots, and similar problems.

Their initial training begins with learning radiology and exploring the different concepts. Next, phlebologists train in surgery or internal medicine. Despite the specialties, the course of education and training is somewhat similar to the usual medical school course.

After completing medical school, doctors complete their residencies in their chosen programs under the guidance of experienced field experts. Following that, they may pursue long-term training, i.e., fellowship. Becoming a vein doctor isn’t enough because soon after that, they have to complete their residencies which last a minimum of five years. From surgical to cosmetic vein treatments/removal procedures, they need to complete an extensive study period that makes them knowledgeable and best for the job.

Sclerotherapy Training

One of the most common and popular vein treatment procedures that all phlebologists perform is sclerotherapy. Through their education and training time, vein doctors receive knowledge and practice guidelines that make them suitable for performing operations, surgeries, and other vein-related treatments.

The latest training courses for painless sclerotherapy involve proper information on the injection, surgical, and care techniques for vein doctors. With thorough evaluation after completing their fellowship, they carry out many different treatment practices. As sclerotherapy is highly successful in nearly all patients, it is a common approach of many vein doctors to solve vein-related cosmetic issues.

What do Cosmetic Vein Treatment Classes Teach?

In addition to practicing the vein treatment procedures and undergoing extensive evaluation by experienced individuals in the field, cosmetic vein removal doctors also receive classes according to the subjects. They acquire the most vital and latest information from time to time as newer developments take place.

New medical protocols and the right knowledge help them care for their patients and solve their vein-related issues with high success rates. In the training period that cosmetic vein doctors go through, cosmetic vein treatment classes cover a wide range of subjects.

These include medical protocols, injection techniques, presentation, laser solutions practice, use of sclerosing detergents, etc. Their training enables them to interact with their patients and discuss their problems from an aesthetic and medical perspective.

Furthermore, their education and training include an in-depth study of venous anatomy. It includes topics such as contraindications, complications, pathophysiology, techniques, and more. While they may begin training with small groups of people requiring medical attention, it helps them cater to the larger groups of patients needing cosmetic vein removal and treatments.

Cosmetic Vein Removal Doctors NYC

What Chemical Agents do Cosmetic Vein Removal Doctors Use?

Latest Sclerotherapy agents are slowly replacing traditional saline hypertonic injections. In fact, the modern agents in use during sclerotherapy are better than the traditional ones. This is because they do not carry the high risks of causing tissue necrosis, staining, or matting of the skin. In training, phlebologists receive intensive knowledge on how to use and administer such agents during the procedure.

Common Cosmetic Vein Doctor Services

Clinical departments and different cosmetic vein doctors may offer varying services to patients. However, they specialize in the treatment of the same area, that is, veins. With specialty as vein doctors, cosmetic vein removal doctors ensure that the unpleasant veins are no longer a problem for their patients. They train, learn, and practice in various procedures such as laser ablation therapies, endovenous radiofrequency ablation, laser therapy, sclerotherapy, and more.

Cosmetic Vein Removal Doctors: Conclusion

Are you in need of cosmetic vein removal treatments? You should not put your health at risk, and more importantly, do not ignore the marks on your beautiful skin. Contacting the right medical institute that has the best cosmetic vein removal doctors is the best approach for your cosmetic vein issues.

Call The Vein Treatment Center © to get rid of your bulging and unpleasant looking veins by the best experts in NYC. 

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