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Established in 1982, The Vein Treatment Center © is the leading New York City medical facility specializing exclusively in the treatment of varicose veins, spider veins, and related venous disorders.

The methods developed at the facility, including Endonvenous Laser Ablation (EVLT) and now Painless Sclerotherapy, have revolutionized the specialty and are used by physicians worldwide.



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Dr. Luis Navarro, a Board Certified Phlebologist and vascular specialist, has devoted his professional life to the development of treatments for venous disorders. He has pioneered numerous non-invasive procedures, including EVLT, Combined Therapies, and now PAINLESS SCLEROTHERAPY.

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Advancements in technology have revolutionized Sclerotherapy and the treatment of veins on legs, hands and other areas of the body. The Vein Treatment Center has been treating veins for over 30 years with safe, fast, and long lasting cosmetic results.

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Endovenous Laser Ablation

Endovenous Laser Ablation therapy is a procedure to treat varicose veins. Surgeon use ultrasound, catheters, and lasers to perform this minimally invasive procedure. They perform the surgery on untwisted and straight veins.

Endovenous Laser Ablation Vein Clinic NY

After carefully analyzing, surgeons insert a catheter in the varicose vein. When the catheter reaches the vein’s end, they use a laser to close it. The close end prevents blood flow and eventually disappears. As the body recovers, other veins replaces faulty vein and continue the circulation. With time, the faulty vein shirks and fades.

What are Varicose Veins?

Veins circulate the blood throughout the body. The heart pumps blood into a network of veins and arteries. The blood flowing from the heart contains oxygen and the role of veins is to supply it into entire body parts. The blood returns to the heart with impurities. The heart removes the impurities from the blood and sends it again to complete another cycle.

The veins contain valves that work like traffic signals. These valves open and close when the blood flows. The major role of these valves is maintaining the flow in the right direction. However, when the valves fail to close, the blood flows in the backward direction. As a result the blood pools and expands and stretches the veins, disrupting blood circulation.

Research suggests that around six to seven million people alone in the United States have an existing diagnosis of varicose vein. This indicates that it is a common condition.

Benefits of Endovenous Laser Ablation

Many patients take the procedure for cosmetic purposes. However, in advanced conditions, patients’ consider the EVLA method to relieve from varicose vein symptoms such as:

  • Swelling
  • Throbbing pain
  • Skin discoloration
  • Skin irritation
  • Fatigue
  • Phlebitis

Things to Know Before Surgery

When you visit a surgeon for endovenous laser surgery, they will explain the procedure. Here is an overview of the procedure:

  • The surgeon will ask you to sign a consent form. Read it carefully and ask questions.
  • The healthcare provider will access your medical history. Also, they will conduct a physical exam that includes diagnostic tests such as blood tests.
  • If you have a history of a bleeding disorder, this is the right time to tell your doctor. Also, if you take blood-thinning medicines, ibuprofen, or aspiring, your doctor should know. The doctor will ask you to stop consuming any medicine that relates to blood clotting.

A professional surgeon will ask all the required questions before performing the surgery. Also, they will give further instruction that they might find important.

What is the Procedure?

The surgeon starts the procedure with an ultrasound scan. They mark the faulty veins with a pen. This helps them efficiently perform the surgery. After the scan, the surgeon injects local anesthesia on the skin near the vein. That way you won’t feel any pain during the surgery. Now, the surgeon inserts a needle in the faulty vein and inserts a wire up the vein. Now, they remove the needle and insert a catheter over the wire. A catheter is thin plastic tubing. When they notice that the catheter is completely inside the vein, they remove the wire.

Now, the surgeon inserts a laser fiber inside the catheter. They use the laser to block the ending of the vein. As soon as they enter the laser fiber inside the vein, they will inject more local anesthetic solution around the vein. The staff turns on the laser to seal the vein. When the surgeon seals the vein, they will remove the laser and catheter. The complete procedure will take around 20 to 30 minutes.

Endovenous Laser Ablation Center NYC

After the Procedure

You can leave the doctor’s office after the surgery. However, the doctor will ask you to follow these instructions:

  • Wear the stockings to put pressure on the vein. This prevents blood from pooling or clotting.
  • Put an ice pack to reduce swelling.
  • Access the incision site every day for allergic reactions. If you see the light pink fluid, things are normal.
  • Don’t pour water on the incision site for 48 hours.
  • Keep your legs elevated when you sit.
  • Don’t stand for too long
  • Walk three times a day for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Avoid hot bath for two to three weeks

Endovenous Laser Ablation for Vein Treatment: Conclusion

Endovenous laser ablation is a new method to treat varicose veins. Unlike other surgical methods, the surgeon seals the varicose vein without removing it. The heat from the laser closes the vein and prevents blood flow. Over time, the body absorbs the dead tissue and transfer the circulation process to other veins. Since the process is less invasive, the doctor will carry out the procedure in their office.

Do you want to treat your varicose veins? If yes, then you can contact The Vein Treatment Center © in New York. The VTC was the first clinic in NYC created to only treat veins and related venous cosmetic conditions with non-invasive techniques. Call today for a free consultation:

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Common Cosmetic Vein Treatments

What are some of the most common cosmetic vein treatments? Various venous disorders can cause unpleasant vein appearances on your skin, especially near the legs, thighs, and face. However, professional vascular surgeons have found numerous solutions to different cosmetic issues. For example, if you’re struggling with a cosmetic issue such as micro varicose veins, you can opt for treatment using painless sclerotherapy, also known as cryo-sclerotherapy, from a professional and experienced vascular surgeon. In this post, we will take a look at different types of cosmetic vein treatments that are highly sought-after in the healthcare field. As per the latest studies, nearly one-quarter of the adult US population has visible varicose veins.

Common cosmetic vein treatments

Find out what kinds of common cosmetic vein treatments are available today that can help you get rid of varicose and spider veins. Some treatment options include regular therapy and exercise, while others involve invasive surgeries to strip and litigate large twisted veins.

Understanding Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are among some of the most disturbing and unpleasant cosmetic issues people in the US face. It’s the appearance of large, bulging, and twisted veins on different parts of the body. They mostly appear on the legs and feet, especially behind the thighs known as pudendal nerves. However, varicose veins also appear on the breasts, hands, and face. They’re extremely visible through the skin surface. When the vessel valves fail to function properly, it disrupts the blood flow, leading to irritation and swelling. Hence, the veins swell up, bulge, and twist to form an unpleasant appearance. They’re usually colored and seen as bluish-green, purplish, or bluish-purple.

Understanding Spider Veins

Similar to varicose veins, spider veins are relatively smaller in size and appearance. They look like a spider’s web hence the name, spider veins. They’re the smallest blood vessels, i.e., capillaries, which suffer damage and then swell up to give an unpleasant appearance on the body. They appear web-like and can give off the impression of spreading from one part of the skin to the other. They’re bluish-red, blue, or red. They’re also visible on different parts of the body, especially the legs and face.

Let’s check out the most common cosmetic vein treatments that can help resolve both types of issues.


Surgeries are among the most common cosmetic treatment options that people go for. While they’re relatively more costly than other treatment options, the results are usually instant or quicker than most other options. It can take several weeks for an individual to recover from a single type of surgery, especially if it involves multiple procedures at once or in a short period. Several techniques, technologies, and methods are useful for treating varicose and spider vein issues. While surgeries offer aesthetic benefits, they also help alleviate painful symptoms and other lifestyle discrepancies.

Check out some of the common surgical procedures that help to treat varicose and spider veins appearance.

·       Vein Litigation and Stripping

It’s a common surgical procedure that offers aesthetic benefits to patients. It involves a professional vascular surgeon making incisions on the vein site on the body and then litigating the vein. Or, depending on the severity and health of the vein, the surgeon might safely remove it from your body and tie the healthy ends. By making small cuts on your skin, a professional vascular surgeon will remove the unhealthy vein segment and then attach the health ends to form scar tissue. The body will absorb the remaining scar tissue, and the blood flow will move to other healthier veins.

·       Endoscopic Vein Surgery

Through a small incision, the doctor will insert a micro-camera via a tiny tube to tie off the vein, giving your skin an unpleasant appearance. The incision doesn’t target the vein directly but the surrounding skin surface.

·       Ambulatory Phlebectomy

This process involves removing large and twisted veins through several small incisions. Although the procedure is usually safe, it involves quite a few risks. However, with the presence of a professional and experienced vascular surgeon, the procedure can be effective and entirely safe. The surgeon makes tiny incisions and removes the large vein in parts, so no stitches are needed. The entire procedure takes only a few hours, and noticeable recovery might take place within or at the end of one week.

Common cosmetic vein treatments center NYC

Compression Stockings

These are the most common approach for those struggling with painful symptoms due to spider or varicose veins. Compression stockings prevent the blood from pooling inside twisted and damaged veins by applying gentle pressure on the nerves and affected skin area.

Cosmetic Vein Treatments: Conclusion

At The Vein Treatment Center ©, you will find Luis Navarro MD, FACS. He is one of the most experienced vascular and cosmetic vein specialists who can help you permanently remove your varicose and spider vein issues. Dr. Navarro opened the first medical clinic in New York City dedicated to only treating veins. A few of the most effective cosmetic vein treatments were developed b Dr. Navarro at the VTC.

Dr. Navarro has been featured in many TV shows, magazines, and press and is sometimes referred to as the celebrity vein doctor. Call us to schedule a free consultation today.

The Vein Treatment Center ©
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