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Dr. Luis Navarro, a Board Certified Phlebologist and vascular specialist, has devoted his professional life to the development of treatments for venous disorders. He has pioneered numerous non-invasive procedures, including EVLT, Combined Therapies, and now PAINLESS SCLEROTHERAPY.

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Major Causes of Broken Capillary Veins on Face

Broken capillary veins on the face have a menacing sound. We look closely at our skin to see whether there are any blackheads or pimples. On certain sections of the face, we might occasionally discover a web-like vein pattern or a network of brilliant red web-like veins. Just below the surface of your skin, there are swollen blood vessels or damaged capillaries.

Causes of Broken Capillary Veins on Face | Treatment

This, however, does not result in the end of the world. This condition, also known as spider veins, is curable. The causes of fractured capillaries and available treatments have been covered in this article for your understanding in the following details:

Causes of Broken Capillary Veins on Face

Capillaries, the smallest blood arteries inside the human body, are naturally highly sensitive. Extra blood rushes through these veins when they grow or dilate, putting more pressure on their walls and leading to ruptures.

Additionally, because they are located just below the skin’s surface, the damaged capillaries show up on the surface as reddish-blue lines. Although they appear everywhere on the body, broken capillaries are most noticeable around the lips, cheeks, and nose. Many factors could contribute to this phenomenon, such as:


You might be more prone to broken capillaries if a family member has them frequently. Some individuals are more predisposed to this problem from birth due to a genetic predisposition transmitted from generation to generation.

Alcohol Abuse

The brain controls all of the blood vessels throughout the body. Excessive alcohol consumption disrupts this control and results in swollen blood vessels that may cause telangiectasia. This is also the cause that one of the first indications of alcohol misuse is a chronically red face.

Extreme Sun Exposure

Without using sunscreen, prolonged sun exposure can lead to capillary over expansion and breakage. Additionally, when you get a sunburn, the skin around the afflicted area begins to flake off, making it thinner. Broken capillaries beneath the skin’s surface consequently stand out even more.

Extreme Temperatures

Increased temperature, such as those found in saunas or steam rooms, as well as the height of summer, may cause the capillaries to enlarge to the point of breaking.


After a hard sneeze or cough, people who are predisposed to ruptured capillaries may experience their occurrence. The abrupt, intense pressure may tear the blood vessels.

Steroid Creams

While topical corticosteroids such as ointments, lotions, and creams help treat inflammatory skin conditions, using them excessively can result in skin thinning. Your capillaries enlarge as a result, frequently to the point of breaking.

Medical Illness

Rosacea is a chronic inflammatory condition marked by flushing or reddening skin patches that may last for several weeks. Additionally, the skin irritation causes the blood vessels to swell and become more evident on the skin’s surface.


Collagen, the most prevalent substance in the skin, is a structural protein that gives your blood vessels flexibility. However, as we age, the body’s ability to produce collagen gradually declines. As a result, your skin gets thinner and more transparent, which is noticeable in aged populations. Additionally, your blood vessels lose their flexibility, making them more brittle. These two elements raise the likelihood and apparent presence of fractured capillaries.

Causes of Broken Capillary Veins on Face


An increase in estrogen levels is one of the hormonal changes during pregnancy that results in broken capillary veins on the face. Fortunately, this skin condition unique to pregnancy typically goes away after delivery.

Harsh Cleansers

Exfoliating too vigorously can harm the skin’s surface capillaries and the skin itself. In addition to breaking capillaries, it weakens the epidermis, making the reddish specks even more noticeable.

Broken Capillary Veins on Face: Conclusion

While there are many reasons for broken capillary veins to appear on the face, rest assured that they can be treated easily through laser therapy. If you want the best laser therapy to make your skin look fresh and clean, contact us at The Vein Treatment Center. We would love to hear from you!


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Important Things to Know About Vein Treatment Clinics

What are some important factors to know about vein treatment clinics? If you ever experience an abnormal or dilated formation of veins in your legs, you might have varicose veins, also known as spider veins. These veins form when your valves start weakening, further allowing blood to be supplied to your veins. Varicose and spider veins are treated in special vein treatment clinics where specialized doctors, known as Vascular surgeons, treat you according to the nature and requirement of your vein abnormality.

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Symptoms That Require a Visit to a Vein Treatment Clinic

There are many reasons why you should visit a vein treatment clinic. However, the most important symptoms of varicose and spider veins are:

  • The appearance of purple, red, and blue patches resembling spider webs makes you feel conscious about your legs and the urge to cover them.
  • Fatigue, aching legs, swelling, and discomfort more often than ever. This is a leading cause of venous insufficiency.
  • Bleeding in the bulging veins, caused by a bump, touch, or scratch.
  • Eczema, leg ulcers, lipodermatosclerosis, or other skin issues.

However, vein treatment clinics do not treat you like any other hospital or clinic;they have a specialized method of treatment.

Important Things about Vein Treatment Clinics

Here are some of the essential things that you should know about vein treatment clinics.

Vascular Surgeons are Licensed Medical Professionals

Vascular surgeons are not merely cosmetic surgeons. They go to medical school and finish a residency before becoming permitted to practice. Therefore, they are fully qualified medical professionals. Many vascular surgeons are board certified, which signifies that they have a particular level of experience and satisfy additional requirements for maintaining certification.


Vein Treatment Clinics are Fully Equipped

Vein treatment clinics have all the necessary and state-of-the-art equipment such as vascular lasers. These lasers offer a simple way to treat venous conditions like varicose veins. It is a minimally invasive procedure that treats diseased veins with laser light and heat.

Because weight issues are the leading cause of vein disorders, exercise is crucial, especially for newly hospitalized patients who spend most of their time confined to beds. Patients should have access to exercise gear. It is the only way they know how to lose weight. Most vein treatment clinics, therefore, offer their patients well equipped facilities for exercise.

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Varicose Veins and Spider Veins are Treated Differently

The severity of your varicose or spider veins may influence your surgeon’s approach to vein therapy. For medium sized varicose veins, for instance, microphlebectomy is frequently the treatment of choice; for bigger varicose veins, endovenous laser therapy may be effective. Smaller varicose and spider veins are suitable for ultrasound guided sclerotherapy, while smaller facial spider veins are suitable for laser ablation.

Health Insurance Companies Usually cover Vein Treatments

If you have varicose veins due to a medical condition, your health insurance company can pay for the cost of your varicose vein removal. If the veins make your legs swell or are hurting and itching, this could be the issue. If smaller varicose veins are only a cosmetic issue, treatment may not be covered by insurance. Since this type of vein treatment typically falls under the umbrella of aesthetic operations, in this case, it is unlikely that your health insurance will provide coverage for treating spider veins.

About Vein Treatment Clinics: Conclusion

You should treat varicose and spider veins sooner than later to avoid further skin ailments and permanent issues. If you are looking for a credible vein treatment clinic in this regard, feel free to reach out to us at The Vein Treatment Center ©

Call us today for your free consultation.

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