Can You Remove Hand Veins?

Can you remove veins on your hand? If the veins on your hands bulge out and are very prominent, it can affect your confidence and self-esteem. You may feel like hiding them in your pockets, or rather opt to wear gloves, which can affect your participation in different activities.

Removing veins from the hand is not a necessary medical procedure. Rather, it’s entirely for aesthetic purposes. Nonetheless, you may experience pain on some occasions when your hand knocks against something, and it hits a vein.

Removing hand veins requires a similar procedure as removing veins from any other part of the body. If you want to remove hands veins, you can choose between numerous options. While some treatments are painless, others might cause pain because it includes minor surgeries.

Can you remove hand veins?

When you go through the procedure, you need to visit the surgeon several times, and the procedure might take around 4 to 5 weeks, depending on the size. Furthermore, your tissue might take more time to dissolve the vein completely. Once your surgeon blocks a bulging vein, the blood will start to flow to other healthier veins.

Cause of Bulging Hand Veins

Your hand vein might bulge and protrude from the skin for numerous reasons. While it’s best to consult with a physician to know the reason behind your apparent hand veins, here are some major causes behind swollen veins:

·       Low Body Fat

The layers of fat cells under the skin cover up the veins, making them less prominent. If the skin on your hands has a smaller layer of fat cells under the skin, your veins might be more visible. Of course, this can change with varying fat levels, so gaining more fat can make the veins seem less prominent.

·       Age

As you grow older, your skin starts losing elasticity, becoming thinner than usual. This is another reason for visible hand veins. Furthermore, growing older means experiencing reduced valve functioning. With weaker veins, your body fails to circulate blood properly. This causes blood to pool up inside the veins, enlarging them.

·       Exercise

Exercising can increase your blood pressure. When blood circulates through your veins with excessive pressure, they start expanding. When you are at rest, your veins remain the same even if your blood pressure goes back to normal.

If you exercise a lot, your veins will grow prominent. This usually happens when you lift heavier weights during strength training exercises. Furthermore, when your muscles start to harden up, your veins will grow visible.

·       Genetics

Your bulging hand veins can also be due to genetics, so it’s possible that other people in your family have bulging veins as well.

·       Varicose Veins

This condition does not usually occur in the hands. Instead, you may notice that people experience discoloration and swollen veins in their legs. This condition is varicose veins. If this is the underlying reason for your prominent hand veins, you need to visit a professional.

Varicose veins indicate that the valves in your veins are weakening. These valves are responsible for promoting blood circulation and ensuring that it doesn’t turn back. If your valves don’t work properly, your blood will flow backward, which can be painful and irritating.

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How to Remove Hand Veins

When you visit an expert consultant, they will analyze your condition and the causes behind bulgy veins. The treatment to remove hand veins depends on the condition. If your veins are protruding because of a medical condition such as varicose veins, you need immediate treatment. You can consider various options for treatment. Here are some of the common treatments that you can choose from:

1.    Ambulatory Phlebectomy

In this procedure, the surgeon will make minor cuts on top of the vein and remove the vein completely. This treatment is painful, so the doctor will use local anesthesia.

2.    Laser Ablation Therapy

Doctor inserts a wire inside your vein and uses a laser to create enough heat. The heat will scar the vein and after some time, the vein will dissolve.

3.    Endovenous Ablation Therapy

This procedure is similar to laser therapy ablation. However, doctor will use radio waves instead of a laser. Radio waves generate heat and close the veins.

4.    Sclerotherapy

This treatment also scars the vein. However, it is a less painful procedure as the doctor simply injects a chemical solution into the vein. The solution will stop the blood flow from closing up the vein and diverting the circulation to other healthy veins.

Hand Vein Removal: Conclusion

Before you decide what option you need to choose to remove the veins from your hand, you should consult with the doctor. A professional doctor such as Dr. Navarro will examine the condition and suggest the best method.

If you live in New York City, you can visit The Vein Treatment Center and consult with a highly qualified vascular surgeon. Hand veins can take between five weeks to over a month to disappear. The duration of treatment depends on the size and number of the bulging veins.

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