Is Spider Vein Treatment Painful?

Is spider vein treatment painful? Spider veins are tiny and bulging capillaries that appear on the skin surface. These web-like capillaries are common above the age of 50 years. Usually, people develop these capillaries on the legs. These veins are harmless but affect the skin’s appearance. Symptoms of these spider web like veins include weakness, cramping, and swelling. In extreme cases, these veins lead to bleeding and pain.

Is Spider Vein Treatment Painful?

What Causes Spider Veins?

You may develop a spider vein for various reasons such as excessive pressure on the vein and elasticity. This results in damaged or weakened valves. When this happens the blood fails to move towards the heart from the lower limbs. This allows reflux of the blood in the wrong direction. With time, the blood begins to pool inside the vein causing a bluish or reddish network of the vein to appear under the skin.

Usually, people with excessive weight develop spider veins because of increased pressure in the lower limbs. The pressure on the valves results in poor blood circulation.

These veins may also appear on the face because of increased exposure to sun rays. Sun damage causes tiny blood vessels to burst and spread.

Steps to Prevent Spider Veins

You can prevent spider vein by following many methods:

  • Avoid heated areas such as saunas to prevent skin to flush
  • Cover your skin or wear sunscreen to prevent spider veins
  • Maintain a healthy diet and improve blood circulation
  • Avoid wearing tight clothes, especially on your legs and midsection
  • Use compression stocking to prevent swelling in your legs

Effective Spider Vein Treatment

Laser therapy and sclerotherapy are effective treatments for spider veins. Vein specialists have been suggesting laser therapies for a decade. However, sclerotherapy is a new treatment for this condition. Both treatments effectively remove spider veins. But, many people think that these are invasive treatments and can be painful. However, that’s not true. Both laser therapies and sclerotherapy are minimally invasive treatments. Furthermore, these treatments are painless and don’t involve extensive surgeries.

·       Laser Therapy

During laser therapies, the doctor uses a laser device to remove spider veins. There are two types of laser therapies, which are simple laser therapy and endovenous laser therapy. In simple laser therapy, the doctor uses a laser device to eliminate spider veins. They use a laser device over the skin. On the other hand, in endovenous laser therapy, the doctor insert catheter with a laser inside the vein to seal the veins. In both these laser treatments, the doctor uses local anesthesia to keep the area surrounding the veins numb.

When the doctor seals the spider vein, the blood flows out of the vein. The circulation system abandons this vein and shifts the flow to healthy veins. Over time, the spider vein fades away.

·       Sclerotherapy

In this procedure, the doctor injects sclerosant inside the veins. This substance irritates the inner wall of the vein and forces the vein to close. The procedure is similar to laser therapies. The only difference is the use of the substance. In laser therapies, the doctor uses a focused laser to scar tissues. However, in sclerotherapy, they use a sclerosant solution to close the vein. Once the vein is not functional, the body absorbs it.

Is Spider Vein Treatment Painful | Best Vein Treatment

Post-Sclerotherapy Treatment and Care

Keep in mind that both treatments destroy the veins and cause discomfort and swelling. But, various preventions can reduce the pain and discomfort.

  • The doctor will prescribe over-the-counter medications such as Ibuprofen or Tylenol. You can take these medications for one or two days after the treatment.
  • Compression pads and stockings can help reduce inflammation. Furthermore, these tight garments can prevent veins from reappearing. Wear compression clothing for a week after treatment.
  • Avoid direct exposure to sun rays. Excessive sunlight can cause pain, irritation, and swelling in the treated area. If you can’t avoid sunlight, cover the skin or wear sunscreen. Protection against sunlight is highly important to avoid reaction to the skin.

If you decide to take the procedure, you should consult with a professional vein specialist who offers both laser therapy and sclerotherapy. The doctor will guide you about the procedures in detail and how these treatment methods remove spider veins from the body.

Is Spider Vein Treatment Painful? ​Conclusion

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