Laser Treatment for Vein Removal: Varicose & Spider Veins

How does laser treatment for vein removal work? Surgeons rely on laser treatment to address a variety of conditions. The procedure involves using a high-power laser beam that can focus on specific areas. Vein treatment surgeons use laser treatment to help patients dealing with varicose veins or spider veins. The laser heats the veins under the skin, forcing them to shrink. This forms scar tissue around the opening of the veins. When the blood fails to pass through the vein, it dies and starts decomposing. It takes almost a year or two for the vein to disappear. A vein treatment doctor suggests one of the two following laser treatments for varicose veins.

Laser Treatment for Vein Removal

Simple Laser Treatment for Vein Removal

The doctor will suggest simple laser treatment when the varicose veins are small, but they also use the procedure to address spider veins. The treatment removes veins by targeting them from outside the skin. Depending on your condition, the doctor may suggest more than one laser treatment session. The doctor will schedule these sessions every six to 12 weeks. If the blood pressure in these veins is poor, the doctor will first treat the feeder veins. Feeder veins are larger and feed the smaller veins with blood. In this condition, your doctor will first remove large veins using radiofrequency treatment or endovenous laser.

Endovenous Laser Treatment

You can treat larger varicose veins by undergoing Endovenous laser treatment. This treatment method is extensive as the doctor will insert a catheter tube inside the vein. During the procedure, they inspect the vein through an ultrasound screen to make sure that everything progresses smoothly. Laser treatment is less invasive and painful than vein stripping and ligation. Another reason for undergoing Endovenous laser treatment instead of vein stripping is that this treatment has a shorter recovery period. Before beginning, the surgeon will use a light sedative or local anesthesia so you do not feel pain.

What To Expect After the Procedure

After laser treatment, you can walk normally, but recovery may take a little time. In most cases, both laser treatments do not affect your quality of life. Of course, if you opted for endovenous laser treatment to address a large varicose vein, you have to wear compression stockings for a week or more.

Why It Is Done

·       Simple Laser

When you notice tiny varicose veins or spider veins on your body, simple laser treatment can help. Sometimes, a surgeon will use this procedure to remove the remaining veins after removing large varicose veins.

·       Endovenous Laser

Simple laser treatment does not completely remove large varicose veins. Therefore, the doctor diagnoses your venous condition and suggests endovenous laser treatment for larger veins. This treatment is better than surgery as it is less invasive and includes fewer complications.

How Well It Works

·       Simple Laser

Doctors have been suggesting this treatment method for two decades. Because simple laser treatment is an effective and safe technique, it is a popular treatment method.

·       Endovenous Laser

The success rate of endovenous laser treatment is higher than other treatment methods. The process can successfully remove veins about 94 out of 100 times. In some cases, when veins do not close, you need to go through another session. The doctor may also recommend other procedures, such as sclerotherapy or radiofrequency treatment. To increase the success rate of this treatment, you need to choose a surgeon with wide-ranging experience. The Vein Treatment Center has highly qualified surgeons to treat various types of veins and other venous conditions.

Best Laser Treatment for Vein Removal | Spider & Varicose

Complete Procedure of Endovenous Laser Treatment

You do not have to visit the OT for this procedure because the entire process takes place in the doctor’s office. Also, the treatment will last less than an hour. Once you are done, you can go back home the same day. When you visit the doctor’s clinic to remove varicose veins, wear loose-fitting clothes. Here is the complete procedure of Endovenous Laser Treatment:

  • Undergoing the treatment, you have to lie down on the examination table. Also, you have to wear eyeglasses or goggles to protect your eyes from the laser.
  • The healthcare provider uses local anesthesia to numb the area so you do not feel pain. If the vein is big, they will inject the solution in multiple spots.
  • The doctor will set up a Doppler ultrasound device to inspect the procedure while performing. This device will use sound waves to create an image of the vein.
  • They will make a tiny incision to insert the catheter tube in the varicose vein.
  • Then, the surgeon will pass a laser fiber through the tube.
  • They will slowly move the tube out and heat the laser to close the endings of the veins.
  • When the varicose vein shrinks, the surgeon will remove the laser fiber and stitch the cuts in the skin.

Laser Treatment for Vein Removal: Conclusion

If you live in NYC, you can visit The Vein Treatment Center ® to remove varicose veins. Our clinic has professional surgeons with extensive experience in the field. They can perform different types of treatments to eliminate varicose veins and treat other venous conditions.

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