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Dr. Luis Navarro, a Board Certified Phlebologist and vascular specialist, has devoted his professional life to the development of treatments for venous disorders. He has pioneered numerous non-invasive procedures, including EVLT, Combined Therapies, and now PAINLESS SCLEROTHERAPY.

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Advancements in technology have revolutionized Sclerotherapy and the treatment of veins on legs, hands and other areas of the body. The Vein Treatment Center has been treating veins for over 30 years with safe, fast, and long lasting cosmetic results.

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Is Laser Ablation for Vein Removal Painful?

Is Laser Ablation for Vein Removal Painful? When dealing with varicose veins, you might first try fixes like compression stockings and a change in lifestyle. These discolored veins popping out of the skin can be knotty, irritated, and huge. The condition occurs when valves inside your veins stop functioning properly.

When this valve does not work accordingly, it starts to affect blood circulation. Your blood will start to move backward, causing a pool of blood, which can cause:

  • Blood clot
  • Irritation
  • Skin problems
  • Severe pain

Laser Ablation for Vein Removal

To treat this condition permanently, you must undergo surgery. However, surgeries can be painful and invasive. So if you are afraid of surgery pain, it’s important to choose Laser Ablation. In this article, we will explain why the laser ablation method is better than vein stripping treatment.

What are Varicose Veins and Spider Veins

Varicose veins appear under your skin. These veins are twisted, swollen, and dark blue. Most people experience varicose veins on their ankles and legs. Weak valves and abnormal flow of blood is the reason for this condition. These bulgy veins can pop up on any part of your body where the valve starts to work.

When the blood passes through these veins, it fails to circulate towards the heart. The blood starts to clot and builds pressure. This enlarges the veins, and they become twisted. A  spider vein is a type of varicose vein that spreads throughout the body like a web. These web-like bulgy veins are thin and bluish.

Types of Laser Ablation Treatments for Vein Removal

As the name implies, it includes a laser; the procedure calls for a highly-focused beam that treats the varicose vein. The laser produces heat, which damages the walls of a vein. When the surgeon closes the veins, it releases the blood that was pooling in the veins. This treatment transfers the blood flow to other veins. Now, after some time, the body completely absorbs the vein.

·       Simple Laser Treatment

Surgeons will prefer simple laser vein treatment when you have tiny varicose veins. They will use the laser to remove the veins. The laser is a beam of light with high focus and accuracy. In simple laser treatment, the doctor will aim the laser from outside your skin and use heat to scar or close the varicose veins.

·       Endovenous Laser Treatment

This treatment for removing the varicose vein involves heat, which closes the vein. In this method, the surgeon uses a laser to produce heat. This technique is perfect for removing bulgy and swollen veins. The surgeon will then insert the laser in your vein with the help of a wire after it transmits radiation to weaken the veins’ walls. When the laser releases heat, the varicose veins shrink and close.

Is Laser Ablation Painful

Modern laser treatment is unlike the vein stripping method. While you have laser treatment, such as endovenous laser treatment, the surgeon will give you a dose of local anesthesia. Surgical stripping is a procedure that involves the removal of the bulging vein through invasive treatments. However, these series of treatments are painful and sometimes non-tolerable. On the other hand, local anesthesia usage will eliminate the severity of pain from laser ablation treatment.

Laser Ablation Doctor for Vein Removal

Why should you Choose Laser Ablation

The doctor will suggest simple laser ablation treatment when you have small varicose veins or a bunch of tiny spider veins. Usually, surgeons go through this procedure after removing larger veins. Endovenous laser treatment for large varicose veins sometimes leaves small veins. That is when your doctor suggests simple laser ablation.

Simple laser treatment is an effective, 20-year old technique that helps remove tiny veins. On the other hand, endovenous laser treatment is a modern version of simple laser treatment, which closes veins with a high success rate.

Sometimes, when this advanced laser treatment fails to close veins, surgeons will go through another treatment. However, other treatments will be more painful than laser ablation. If the condition is worse, the surgeon may also perform surgery. If you want to increase the success rate of your removal procedure, you need to consult with a professional surgeon with extensive experience.

Laser Ablation for Vein Removal: Conclusion

If you have bulging veins in your leg, hand, or any other part of the body, you need to visit a professional surgeon. You can visit our vein treatment center in New York City and consult with Dr. Luis Navarro. We use the most advanced and modern technology to help you with vein treatments.

For appointments and any further information about our treatments, contact us at 212-249-6117.