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Can You Remove Unsightly Veins on the Face?

Can you remove unsightly veins on the face? Unwanted or unsightly veins commonly appear on your face or legs. These colored, web-shaped veins called spider veins do not cause any symptoms. Up to 60% of people develop these twisted blood vessels. If you notice these veins on your face, you can visit a vein treatment doctor and make them disappear. In this article, we will discuss some common causes and treatments of spider veins.

Can You Remove Unsightly Veins on the Face

Remove Unsightly Veins on the Face: Causes of Spider Veins

You may develop these broken web-shaped veins at any age. Because there are numerous causes for the development of spider veins you cannot prevent them from appearing. However, you can remove them from your face and another part of the body. Here are some causes of these broken blood vessels:

1.     Genes

If spider or varicose veins run in your family, you have a higher chance of developing them.

2.     Sun Exposure

Continuous sun exposure can damage your skin and blood vessels expanding these veins.

3.     Changes in Weather

Sudden changes in the weather can also cause these veins to appear on your skin. Changing weather can affect your blood circulation bursting these vessels.

4.     Changes in Pressure

Your vessels may also break down due to change in pressure. For instance, when you suddenly vomit or sneeze, your body experiences excess pressure, which causes spider veins.

5.     Pregnancy

During pregnancy, the body experiences hormonal changes. This can result in vessels breaking beneath the skin on the face and other body parts. However, in this condition, the spider veins vanish after the delivery.

6.     Environmental Irritants

You may also develop spider veins after exposure to environmental or chemical pollutants that damage the skin. When this happens, your blood vessels become more visible.

7.     Alcohol Consumption

When your alcohol consumption is higher, your blood vessels may break down showing spider veins on the face.

8.     Injuries

Development of the bruise on the head can also cause spider veins to appear. However, when your body heals from a bruise, the veins will disappear.

Remove Unsightly Veins on the Face: Treatment for Spider Veins

When you will visit a professional doctor for spider veins, they will diagnose the location and condition of the vein. Furthermore, they will observe if the varicose veins are feeding these network-shaped vessels or they are appearing for any other reason. They will properly examine the veins to understand the underlying cause. After diagnosis, they will suggest a treatment option suitable for your condition. Numerous treatments are available for the treatment of varicose veins. Here are two major types of treatments:

1.     Sclerotherapy

In this treatment, a vein treatment doctor will insert a sclerotherapy solution in the body using an injection. They will directly introduce the foam in the spider veins instantly closing them. In some conditions, the veins may take time to disappear. The injected solution will seal the vein under the skin clear up your skin. This method of treating spider veins does not include any side effects. However, some people claim that they experience a little discomfort and pain during the procedure.

2.     Laser Therapy

You can also undergo laser therapy for removing spider veins from the face. In this treatment, the surgeon will use a laser beam to disappear the spider veins. However, simple laser treatment may also damage your skin. The recovery from this treatment may take some time and you need to take some precautionary measures. For instance, frequent sun exposure may develop patches on the skin.

Can You Remove Unsightly Spider Veins on the Face

Home Remedies for Spider Veins

You can also try home remedies for removing spider veins. However, these treatment methods may not work for everyone. These remedies do not include side effects to the body and are safe to use. Before, using these remedies you should consult a vein treatment doctor:

1.     Avoid Hot Water

Because your face skin is delicate, excessive heat exposure can break the blood vessels. Therefore, you should avoid washing your face with hot water. If you already developed spider veins on your face, you can use warm or cold water to wash your face. That way you can avoid any further damage and let the vessels disappear naturally.

2.     Cold Compress

You can apply a bag of frozen peas or ice pack on the spider veins especially when you reach home after excessive sun exposure. Applying cold compress you can reduce the development of these network-like bulgy vessels on the face.

3.     Aloe Vera

A gel extracted from the aloe vera plant can remove the spider veins from your skin. Apart from that, it reduces the redness of the skin. You can also use medicinal cream such as hydrocortisone. The side effect of this cream is that it dries out your skin cells. Therefore, you should moisturize your skin every time you apply this cream to your face.

Can you Remove Unsightly Veins on the Face? Conclusion

When you develop unwanted spider veins on your face, you should visit a vein specialist to have them removed. The Vein Treatment Center will help diagnose the condition and suggest the best treatment. Visit our clinic and speak to an experienced surgeon about your condition. Contact us at 212-249-6117 and make an appointment with the experts in our clinic.