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Dr. Luis Navarro, a Board Certified Phlebologist and vascular specialist, has devoted his professional life to the development of treatments for venous disorders. He has pioneered numerous non-invasive procedures, including EVLT, Combined Therapies, and now PAINLESS SCLEROTHERAPY.

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Effective Modes of Treatment for Spider Veins on Legs

What is the most effective treatment for spider veins on the legs? Due to vascular deterioration or weakening, spider veins develop. Red, purple, or blue spider veins are all possible. They could show up as fine webs, lines, or branches. They are also occasionally referred to as thread veins.

Treatment for spider veins on legs

Usually, they don’t hurt or injure you. Despite this, some people might want to repair them for aesthetic purposes. Numerous treatments can eliminate spider veins or at least lessen their appearance. Following are the details regarding the significant causes of spider veins and their effective treatments:

Causes of Spider Veins

When the veins’ internal valves stop functioning properly, the legs might develop spider veins. Blood is returned to the heart by veins. They have a one way valve that closes as the blood goes through it to stop blood from flowing backward.

The blood might have trouble flowing in the right direction and may start to collect inside the vein if this valve becomes weak or is damaged. Spider veins may develop due to bulging the vein branching out over time.

Effective Modes of Treatment for Spider Veins on Legs

Spider veins can be bothersome despite being typically safe. For cosmetic purposes, some people might also choose to treat or get rid of them. An individual can try the following therapy options for spider veins:

Compression Socks

The lower leg veins are compressed when wearing compression socks or stockings. This pressure can enhance blood flow and stop the development of new spider veins. Compression stockings may also reduce the risk of leg blood clots and leg swelling. Compression stockings come in the following varieties:

Support Pantyhose: These merely exert slight pressure; however, they are widely available in shops.

Compression socks by prescription: These socks apply the most pressure to the legs and feet. They are available in various sizes, intensities, and footless variations. Some people, such as those with heart failure or other heart issues, should not wear prescription compression stockings.

Gradient compression socks exert moderate pressure on the calves, ankles, and feet. They are frequently offered at pharmacies and specialty shops.


An irritant is injected right into the afflicted vein during sclerotherapy. The veins stay together due to discomfort and prevent blood from entering the area. This technique has the potential to lessen edema and shrink the vein. The spider vein gradually disappears. It could take several treatments to get the desired outcome.

The closure system treatment includes injecting a chemical into the harmed veins, much like sclerotherapy. This sticky chemical blocks the vein’s blood supply, enabling the spider veins to diminish or vanish gradually. Like sclerotherapy, a patient would need several sessions to achieve the desired results.

Best treatment for spider veins on legs NYC

Laser Therapy

A medical practitioner can treat small spider veins close to the skin’s surface with a laser. The spider vein clots and dries up due to the laser’s intense, tightly concentrated light beam.

Laser treatments are less intrusive than sclerotherapy or closure techniques because there is no injection involved. However, spider vein reduction with laser therapy is often less successful.

EVLT (Endovenous Laser Therapy)

A more recent procedure called EVLT is used to treat tiny varicose veins and spider veins. A laser fiber is inserted after a minor incision is made in the afflicted vein by a medical expert. The vein collapses due to the laser’s direct heat application to the vein. It can take a few months or perhaps a year for the vein to go. The procedure for EVLT uses a local anesthetic.


Although spider veins are painless and don’t pose a health risk, some people may want to have them treated for aesthetic purposes. If you are looking for the most effective treatment method for your spider veins, get in touch with us at The Vein Treatment Center. We would love to hear from you!

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