Ultrasound for Vein Removal

Do you need ultrasound for vein removal? You might experience frustration when you suffer from bulgy and visible varicose or spider veins. These venous conditions can reduce your confidence, and you will feel the need to hide your feet and hands while communicating with others. These discolored veins usually appear on your legs and are prominent because of their twisted and enlarged appearance. These web-like structures leave a negative effect on your look.

However, when the conditions grow worse, you might undergo severe pain, which affects your quality of life. Also, you will feel itchiness and irritation when the venous part hits a surface. Varicose veins face severe complications because of the constant collection of blood in the vein with the inability to pass it forward. The complications of varicose veins are bleeding and bloodclotting. If you undergo any of these conditions, you should immediately visit the Vein Treatment Center © for consultation.

How Ultrasound Helps with Vein Removal

Sclerotherapy is the most common treatment for this venous condition. This treatment is not only painless but requires the only injection for injecting the solution in the vein. When the doctor insert solution or foam inside the vein, it starts to irritate and close the affected vein. This immediately stops the pool of blood. The circulation of the blood reroutes to the other healthy veins. Once this happens, the vein will eventually dissolve into the tissue.

Ultrasound-guided treatment is a viable treatment option for Sclerotherapy. It includes an advanced ultrasound device that helps with the diagnosis and projects the complete treatment for efficiency. This way doctor will inject the solution into the varicose veins properly.

Advantages of Ultrasound Guided Sclerotherapy

Here are some of the benefits of Ultrasound-guided Sclerotherapy:

  • Minimal risk factors
  • Instant relief
  • Easy to diagnose
  • Finding the actual reason for the condition
  • Lon-lasting results

What Should you Expect?

You do not have to visit the emergency room for this treatment. The doctor can perform it in their office. The procedure requires only a small amount of time, and with ultrasound guidance, the doctor can ensure that you receive the best care. Doctors can visualize the injection penetrate through your skin inserting inside the varicose vein.

How the Ultrasound for Vein Removal Works?

Doctor begin your diagnosis with an ultrasound device. They will create a diagnostic map indicating the location of the abnormal veins and identifying the sources causing the condition. Once the doctor completes your ultrasound diagnosis, they will start the treatment with a small amount of anesthesia.

Anesthesia will only provide enough comfort before the doctor starts the procedure. With the help of an ultrasound, your doctor will inject the sclerosant solution inside the vein precisely. An ultrasound machine will help the surgeon observe the process while inserting the medication.

After the doctor injects the solution inside the vein, it starts to shut. Your body tissue will eventually absorb the abnormal vein. A professional surgeon will diagnose the results from time to time through ultrasound mapping. This way, they can decide if you need further injections or not.

What to Expect After the Treatment?

Once the doctor completes the procedure, they will place the band-aid on the treatment region and apply a sock for compression. You have to wear the sock for almost a week. This sock will squeeze the vein, so it does not provide the pool with blood again.

After the treatment, you need to keep the intensity and impact of your activities low. You can go back to your normal routine a day after the procedure. Since the day of your initial procedure, you need to consistently visit the doctor for check-ups. You might also go through another ultrasound mapping for diagnosis. This diagnosis will indicate if they need more treatment or not. Once the doctor realizes that you are doing fine, they won’t recommend any further treatments.

Ultrasound for Removing Veins: Conclusion

At the Vein Treatment Center ©, we rely on advanced technology such as ultrasound guided vein removal. Our surgeons are highly experienced in treating all venous conditions. You can set-up a 30 to 45 minutes free consultation to find the best treatment option. For appointments, you can contact us at 212-249-6117.

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