What is a Vein Treatment Center?

What is a vein treatment center and what conditions would cause you to visit one? When you suffer from a venous condition such as varicose veins or venous insufficiency, you need professional treatment. In this case, a vein specialist can help. You can find a vein specialist at a reputable vein center such as The Vein Treatment Center. A vein specialist will diagnose your venous condition and treat your condition using high-tech treatments. Vein centers offer specialized treatment to your condition related to vein reducing the pain and recovery time. Here are some of the treatments that a vein center can offer:

1.     Duplex Ultrasound

Duplex ultrasound is a diagnostic tool that a vein specialist uses to examine the condition. This tool helps vascular surgeons identify the condition and observe the situation while performing the treatment including sclerotherapy. When you visit a vein center for the first time, the specialist will use this machine for vein mapping. The staff will collect the information and share it with the surgeon for a better treatment plan.

What is a vein treatment center?

2.     Endovenous Laser Treatment

The specialist at the vein center can perform numerous procedures for treating conditions such as varicose veins. Endovenous laser treatment is a popular treatment to alleviate the appearance of bulging veins. This procedure uses a laser to irritate the inner wall of affected veins. The specialist will insert a catheter tube and laser fiber to close the wall of the vein. After the vein closes, the blood flows through healthy veins. The vein will gradually disappear over time. When performed under a professional vein specialist, the procedure will take less than an hour.

3.     Transdermal Laser Treatment

This treatment is suitable for tiny veins such as spider veins or blue veins. When the vessels break down underneath the skin, they appear web-liked on the surface of the skin. The surgeon will use a laser to heat the vein. This procedure will damage the vein by forcing them to close. This procedure is painless and a vein specialist will take few minutes to remove the veins from your skin.

4.     Sclerotherapy

A vein specialist will treat spider veins and varicose veins by injecting sclerotherapy foam in the affected vein. This foamy solution will close the wall lining from the inside, preventing blood flow. The specialist will directly inject the foam inside the vein and within a few minutes, the vein will disappear. However, you will feel slight pain and irritation. But, there are no side effects of this treatment. A vein specialist will only take 10 minutes to remove the web-liked veins underneath your skin.

How Can a Vein Specialist Help?

1.    Weak Legs due to Vein Issues

Sometimes, when you stand for a long time, your legs will feel week. The weak legs can be a sign of vein issue. For instance, the development of various veins can make your legs feel heavy and weak. When you stand still for hours, the condition will get worse. A varicose vein is a condition when the vein valves stop functioning properly. When this happens you will feel pain and discomfort. When you will visit a vein clinic for this condition, the vein specialist will diagnose the condition through duplex ultrasound and suggest a suitable treatment for vein removal. Once they remove the vein, the blood will circulate to a healthy vein completing the circulation.

What is a vein treatment center

2.     Itchy and Dry Skin

When you notice that your skin is becoming itchy or dry, you should visit a vein center. A vein specialist will diagnose the condition for vein problems. Because of the high blood pressure, your damaged veins can cause the skin to irritate. The broken or damaged vein will prevent blood to circulate to the heart causing pain and skin dryness. If you leave the vein untreated, you may develop various vein problems including a leg ulcer. Dry and itchy skin is the symptom of a venous problem. You may also notice the discoloration of the skin around your ankle. If you experience any of these symptoms, you should visit a vein specialist.

3.    Leg Ulcer

If you leave your damaged vein untreated, you will develop leg ulcers. This condition appears around your ankle and calf areas. A leg ulcer is common in people with diabetes. So, if you develop a leg ulcer, you need to immediately visit a vein center and consult with a vein specialist. They will recommend you proper treatment and prevent any chances of severe condition.

What is a Vein Treatment Center: Conclusion

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