What is “Painless Sclerotherapy” Treatment for Veins?

Have you heard of a so-called painless sclerotherapy treatment for veins? Spider or varicose veins can be irritating, but there are numerous methods of treatment. Some include inserting a wire from the knee inside the vein, or others require mini-surgeries. While all these methods are safe and effective, patients usually have concerns about the pain they encounter. If you have confusion choosing a method with minimum pain, you can opt for Painless Sclerotherapy Treatment.

What is Sclerotherapy

Sclerotherapy is a vein removing option that involves directly injecting the solution into the veins. This treatment forces the veins to scar, enabling the blood to flow through healthier veins. When the blood evacuates from the varicose vein, it collapses and the body reabsorbs it into tissues. This fading process may take weeks or months.

What is Painless Sclerotherapy Treatment for Veins?

A professional surgeon will inject the solution into your skin. We can say that it is less painful. The pain will only last for two to three minutes. Furthermore, the injected solution may also change the intensity of pain.

Sclerotherapy is an effective method for collapsing the vein. It does not include any surgical process for removing the varicose vein such as endovenous laser obliteration. Even the percutaneous laser light technique for small vessels can also be more painful than Sclerotherapy.

What are Varicose Veins?

Varicose veins occur mostly in the legs, which can swell and enlarge the veins and affect the blood circulation to the heart. This condition arises when the valves in the veins are not working. These veins are responsible for keeping the flow of the blood moving forward.

If you suffer from varicose veins, you may experience aching, swelling, discoloration, and pain in the legs, causing discomfort. However, in severe conditions, the vein might get damaged or cause a skin ulcer. If this happens, you immediately need to contact a professional surgeon such as Dr. Luis Navarro. To consult with him, please contact us at 212-249-6117.

Complete Procedure of Painless Sclerotherapy Treatment for Veins

Before the Procedure

Before you go through the procedure, you need to consult with a professional surgeon to examine your condition and check your medical history to understand the condition.

·       Physical Examination

For physical examination, the doctor will evaluate the varicose veins and check the intensity of the blood clot. Furthermore, they will check for any basic blood vessel disease.

·       Questions Doctor might Ask

During the examination, the doctor will ask you the following questions to add to your medical history:

  • Did you have any severe medical conditions in the past, such as heart disease, or do you experience blood clotting?
  • What supplements and medication you intake? They will ensure that the supplements you consume won’t affect your treatment.
  • Do you have allergies?
  • Have you ever had vein removing treatment before? If yes, you need to share the results and what options you had?

·       Ultrasound

The doctor will observe the vein through ultrasound imaging—this way, they can analyze the varicose veins’ condition. Ultrasound is also a painless imaging process that uses ultrasonic sound waves and produces your body’s image from inside.

·       Before Treatment

You should avoid applying lotion or shaving before your treatment. You should stay comfortable when you leave for the treatment. This includes wearing loose clothes. It would be better if you wear shorts, so your legs are visible.

Painless Sclerotherapy Treatment for Veins

·       Where to Visit

You do not have to visit the operation theatre for this treatment. Your doctor will perform Sclerotherapy in their office. Furthermore, you won’t need any local anesthesia as the injection will only cause pain for two to three minutes. The total duration of this vein removing procedure won’t last more than an hour.

What to Expect During the Process

When you enter the room, the surgeon will ask you to lie on the bed, facing the ceiling. You need to elevate your legs. The doctor will first clean the area with alcohol and insert the needle slowly inside the vein. The injection will contain a chemical solution.

The solution will irritate the walls of your vein and blocks the blood flow. This blockage will collapse the vein and transfer the blood flow to other healthier veins. This chemical solution might include local anesthesia.

The tissue will absorb the vein. The surgeon might also use foam instead of a chemical solution. The foam helps to cover the complete walls of the vein. The doctor will use foam when you have a long varicose vein. You might experience minor cramps or stings when the needles enter the vein. Although the pain is normal, you need to inform your doctor.

You will experience pain if the doctor is not professional, and the solution starts to leak from the vein into your body. That is why you need to visit a professional doctor. Once the doctor complete injecting one vein, they will use compression pad tape to compress the vein while injecting the solution in another viscose vein.

Painless Sclerotherapy Treatment for Veins: Conclusion

This procedure may require additional sessions to fully treat, requiring multiple visits to your surgeon. The duration of the procedure depends on the size and number of the veins. Spider veins usually take more time than a single vein. Painless Sclerotherapy requires a professional surgeon who has extensive experience with this injective therapy.

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